How it works:

At Janjua, we never penalize you for creating popular content. From $199/month you get unlimited viewers*,
Dedicated Support, Live video embeds, Domain protection, Aad-free player, with many other features describe
below and you'll never see any surprise fees or overage charges. Flat rate pricing for your custom player.

There are 2 ways to use Janjua.tv Portal. 1st Free Live Broadcasting & 2nd Premium Live Broadcasting.

1. Free Broadcasting
You can use Janjua.tv broadcasting services freely. Go to Main Page, Click on "Go Free" Button and start making your free channels.

2. Premium Broadcasting
For Premium Broadcasting Janjua.tv offering very special features & broadcasters will not get those features in any other plateform.

To get Premium Account You need to follow below steps.

2.1 Register to Premium Account, Enter require details.
2.2 Pay the billing.
2.3 Once you paid the billing then account will be activated instantly, you will be able to create channels & avail Premium Services.

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